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Blog plugin for VuePress2


How to use


pnpm add -D vuepress-plugin-blog2


import { blogPlugin } from "vuepress-plugin-blog2";

export default {
  plugins: [
      // your options

Migrating from V1

This plugin wasn't released in V1.

If you were using @vuepress/plugin-blog in VuePress1, you should know that this plugin is targeting a total different level with @vuepress/plugin-blog.

  • @vuepress/plugin-blog is more like a blogging utils collection targeting users.

    It gives you detailed options to filter with frontmatter, dir and other conditions. Also, it's combined with feed, sitemap, mailchimp, pagination and other blog related features. Mainly, you get collections you want using complicated options, and the results are mixed in globally with pagination.

  • vuepress-plugin-blog2 however, is targeting theme developers, and only have < 1kb gzipped client chunk size.

    Since siteData.pages is no longer available in VuePress2 for scalability reasons, the plugin is only injecting them to routeMeta on node side and provide composition apis for you to get them on client side. While it does not provide any related features such as pagination, feed, sitemap. Mainly, you will get collections through functions returning values from page objects, and you will need to use other plugins to provide other features, and handle pagination yourself.